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We offer a comprehensive and eco-conscious tree care service for domestic and commercial properties in Bath, Bristol, and Wiltshire. Our team of professionals take a holistic and responsible approach to tree care, ensuring the health of your trees and the environment.

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We provide a comprehensive variety of tree services, from pruning to tree planting. Our team of certified arborists are committed to providing personalised and expert guidance to help you make well informed decisions about the care and maintenance of your trees.


Tree Planting

Our experienced team provides comprehensive advice and solutions for all tree planting projects, including domestic and commercial clients. From selecting the right tree species to providing essential aftercare services, we ensure that your project has the highest chance of success.


Tree Removal

Our team is equipped to handle the removal of trees, even in challenging locations such as over houses, roads, and rivers. We provide a range of options for the disposal or use of removed timber and will discuss these options during the quoting stage.


Tree Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and health of a tree. Our team can provide tailored maintenance plans and pruning services to keep your trees in good condition and reduce the risk of failure.



Sometimes, trees need extra support to maintain their stability. Our team uses a non-invasive, dynamic bracing system to provide additional strength without damaging the tree.


Tree Reductions

Tree reductions are an effective way to manage the size of a tree while maintaining its natural appearance. This service also helps to reduce the risk of branch or whole tree failure.



If your tree contains high-quality timber, we offer milling and extraction services to make use of the wood. We can also recommend carpenters to transform the timber into works of art.


Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed, the stump may still be in the way. Our team uses specialized machines to grind stumps out, leaving you with an area suitable for replanting.


Enerbite Infusions

Enerbite infusions are a scientifically advanced method of treating struggling trees to give them an energy boost and improve their overall health.


Fungi Fighting

Our team uses a specific strain of Trichoderma to protect trees from harmful decay fungi, which can weaken the tree's structure and reduce its vigor.


Professional Tree Inspection

We offer professional tree inspections with a focus on both public safety and wildlife conservation goals. Our team of certified consultants, Alex Parfitt and Falkland Little, are technician members of the Arboricultural Association with extensive experience in large-scale tree safety surveys. We adopt a pragmatic approach to ensure that the recommended work meets both safety requirements and conservation objectives.


Decay Detection

By using techniques such as Picus tests and resistographs, we are able to thoroughly inspect trees and detect any signs of decay or damage. These cutting-edge techniques enable us to accurately diagnose any issues and provide you with a detailed report of our findings. The report will include our recommendations for any necessary work, as well as a clear explanation of the results of the inspection.


Habitat Creation

Our team is dedicated to not only providing expert tree care services, but also creating and preserving habitats for wildlife. We understand the importance of balancing development with environmental responsibility and strive to incorporate sustainable practices into every project. Whether it's through creating bird boxes, creating habitat, or wildlife friendly planting, our aim is to promote biodiversity and enhance the natural habitats in your area. We can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements and work with you to create a thriving ecosystem.

Branching Out for Wildlife: Our Professional Tree Care Balances Safety and Conservation

At Arborinati, we understand the importance of preserving wildlife habitats and strive to incorporate conservation efforts into all of our tree care services. Our team is trained to identify and protect important habitats and ecosystems, while still ensuring the safety of the surrounding community. We believe that balancing public safety with wildlife preservation is essential for creating sustainable and healthy environments for future generations to enjoy.

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“I have been delighted with the work carried out by Arborinati. The service they offer is of high quality from initial contact through to providing advice, tree works and disposal. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services. Alex and his team are very pleasant, smart, tidy and courteous.”
Angela, Bath.

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